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October 9th, 2013, 06:34 AM
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i can't tell you how much that has been on my brain. i try not to express it because it sounds so superficial. so far, in the only 2 4D pix i've been able to get, william doesn't look like he'll be ugly (i used to be part of the "there's no such thing as an ugly baby camp" until i saw one). but i haven't been able to see peyton. if my dream is premonition, then she isn't ugly. i worry b/c their father is not my type at all and his features separately are not attractive. if i had known i'd be having additional biological kids, i never would have given him the time of day like that or i would have been even more careful. and i don't think his other kids are all that cute either. they're not ugly but they're not cute. i only hope these two take more after my side of the family. i barely saved my 2nd kid-- his dad is not cute to me at all. my first kid, i wasn't worried about. my concern was that the rape was truly incest (the father was supposedly my biological cousin-- he wasn't) and my kid would come out messed up.
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