Topic: Ugly baby?!
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October 9th, 2013, 08:23 AM
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I remember hubby and I commented that our second son wasn't as cute of a baby as our first was, but he turned cuter day by day.

And yes, there ARE ugly babies. My cousins had SUPER big heads, like it took them until school age to grow into them!

BUT, babies are so innocent that it's easy to look past the not so cuteness! And then as they turn into toddlers, they can be cute as can be, but if they are allowed to be brats, they don't seem so cute afterall! Think of "men" some can be super hot/attractive, but if he's a pig/jerk, that doesn't go very far for him! (at least not in my book!)

We joke that my niece looks like the "old" bald guy from the Six Flags commercials!
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