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October 9th, 2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
Thanks for all the advice. I changed the membranes out yesterday and got the same amount as the day before, but this morning supply went back up, so we'll see. I think maybe he was having a growth spurt and was eating more in the morning and at lunch so maybe my body caught up or something.

I do agree that 18 ounces in 9 hours is a bit of an oversupply. I think I'm always afraid that I'm going to dry up so I worry needlessly.

At daycare, he eats 2.5 ounces every 1.5-2 hours with me nursing at lunch. So, he's generally taking 4 bottles for a total of 10 ounces out of the bottle. For the last week though, they'll tell me that he's still acting hungry after feedings so I'll send in two 1 ounce bottles as well in case he gets hungry. Sometimes he eats one or both of them and sometimes he doesn't. They've sent those back to me the last few days, so I probably shouldn't count that into what I need to pump every day. After daycare, he usually goes to see grandma for an hour or so. This is where the overfeeding problem occurs. She will feed him every time he fusses and usually feeds him every single bit of milk I send. Yesterday, I gave her 2 ounces and she asked me if I had anymore with me! I did, but there was no way I was leaving her 4.5 ounces for 2 hours. We have had the discussions about proper feeding amounts, but she doesn't listen. So now, she is only supplied with the proper amount for the time she will have him. Both of her kids were FF, so the concept of not needing a bigger volume of milk as he grows is foreign to her.
sounds like he's drinking the perfect amount at daycare. i would suggest increasing the amount per bottle since they say he's acting hungry. he may then go longer between feedings (this is what my DS1 did), making the total amount over the day the same as it is now. the most he ever drank was 4 oz bottles, but he'd go at least 3 hours between feedings that way. BF babies drink the same amount of milk each day (with the exception of growth spurts) from 1-6 months, so it's just the amount per bottle and time between that changes. oh, and whether they start STTN and eating more during the day to make up for that! that's something my DS1 never did (until 14 months ...), but caleb is already a fairly good sleeper with a 6 hour stretch!

the grandma thing - oy, that tough! i think you're doing the right thing by just sending a small amount. depending on what time he last ate at daycare, he likely doesn't even need any milk with grandma! (my MIL FF and does not understand BF. for that and many other reasons, she has never babysat either of my kids when they were EBF)

and my experience with the supply drop - just about every mom i know who works and pumps at work has a supply drop around 9-10 months. with DS1, i was 2 oz/day short. i added extra pumping sessions on evenings and weekends. this time around i have a nice freezer stash so i'm not so stressed about making that extra amount. with your oversupply, i'm sure you'll be fine!
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