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October 9th, 2013, 01:32 PM
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How many weeks are you? 26, almost 27 weeks.

How are you feeling? I feel so ungrateful complaining, but my body is so sore and tired all the time now. I've been so lazy and haven't had the energy or will to do anymore cleaning, organizing, packing to get ready for our move. I have this horrible pain in my stomach on the right side of my belly button. It feels internal, like a really nasty bruise but there are no marks or bruises from the outside. I had the same pain with my first pregnancy and my dr told me it was round ligament pain, but I know what round ligament pains feel like and that's not it. I've been thinking about it and I'm not sure, but I think it might be pain from my stomach muscles being stretched out. I think they are stretched to the point where it's sore and tender to the touch now. It also hurts in my stomach when I bend over. I'm going to bring it up to my dr at my next appointment and see if he's concerned.

When is your next dr's appointment? 21st.

Have you started your nursery? No. Everything is still set up the way we left it for Clyde + a whole bunch of boxes and bags full of baby stuff being stored in there. Toren will sleep in a Rock and play bassinet type thing in our bedroom with us until we move. I also have an Eddie Bauer co-sleeper we can put in bed with us if we decide to go the co-sleeping route.

Have you started your registry yet? I have maybe 5 things on my amazon baby registry but I haven't shared it with anyone. It's more of a shopping list for myself of things I want to pick up before baby Toren arrives.

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