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October 10th, 2013, 03:16 AM
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I started feeling contractions around 1:00 am and they were nearly immediately 5 min apart. At 2:20am I called my dr's office and they told me to go in, I woke up Jake and we were on our way by 2:30, checked in to L&D by 3:00. Upon admission I was 4.5cm - they didn't tell me how effaced I was.

At 4:00 they officially decided to keep me and placed an IV for fluids. I opted not to have any medication or an epidural. Text messages and phone calls went out to our parents and my best friend who was going to be my labor coach. It told them that we were just admitted but since it was early in the morning, we'd check back in with them at 6:00.

We walked around the halls two times and that was enough for me! I told Jake I needed to get back in bed as I couldn't stand without wanting to keel over. There I stayed for the next hour or so until the nurse brought in a birthing ball. The pain in my back was excruciating, and sweet Jake was doing his best to provide counter pressure but it was still intense. Our nurse came in and asked how I was doing, I basically just whimpered at her. There was very little verbal communication from me - when I'm in pain I hide inside myself, close my eyes, and pray for it to be over. Our nurse checked to see how far along I had progressed and I was already at 9cm by 6:30. My water broke when she checked me, so she went ahead and called my Dr. (He was doing rounds at another local hospital and was signing out at that very moment) Jake sent out texts telling everyone they needed to hurry as little man wasn't waiting.

About 2 contractions later I told the nurse I felt pressure like I wanted to push. She assured me I would be feeling more pressure and that I wasn't ready to push yet, then proceeded to leave the room. The next contraction I couldn't help but push, it was completely involuntary. I hit the call button and basically begged her to come back. Upon checking me again I was +1. Yep that's right, I went from 9 to +1 within minutes. FINALLY they got their butts in gear and started getting things ready for delivery. I was told to hold my legs behind my knees and push when I felt the urge. Jake was the only one there with me as everyone else was busy getting supplies ready, and start the IV for fluids. I was given a half dose of fentanyl then - it did nothing for the pain. The oncall resident came into the room around 7:00 and thankfully my mom arrived a few minutes later. My dad had dropped her off and was parking the car.

I remember thinking I can't do this anymore... it's just too much. At that moment I looked up and saw a tiny mirror in the ceiling and noticed that I was crowning. Nobody had bothered to tell me that it was nearly over. Upon seeing that I breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing the end was nearly in sight. As soon as his head came out he started crying, and at 7:16 he was completely delivered. I was watching in the mirror above my bed, and it took the nurse telling me to look down for me to realize I could see him right there - after all he was born. They placed him on my chest and I stared at him in awe. Jake, who at first wasn't even sure if he could handle being in the room during delivery, cut the cord a few minutes later. There I laid with my sweet little boy on my chest skin to skin. He cried for a little while but really only until they were done wiping him down. Then he settled and simply stared at me. I was instantly in love with him.

Not even 10 minutes after delivery, our Dr arrived. He had the biggest smile on his face until he realized he missed the birth. I know how much he was looking forward to it. He's my primary physician and will be Colton's as well. Everyone else arrived shortly. My dad had actually been right outside the door when he cried for the first time. Everyone was fluttering about the room talking about the speedy delivery, snapping pictures of the little man, and trying to talk to me. Yet I couldn't be bothered. I was too engrossed with my son. Jake stayed right by my side, staring at the little man as I did. He stroked my cheek and gave me so many kisses while telling me how well I had done. After an hour or so little man took to the breast. It was surprisingly natural, I just let him do what he wanted to do. After nursing him, I allowed our nurse to weigh/measure him and give him his eye treatment, Hep B vaccination, and vitamin K injection. I couldn't believe how much of my birth plan had actually come to fruition. All my main desires happened - no epidural - limited medication - delayed cord clamping - skin to skin contact - delayed interventions (weight/exam/injections) - breastfeeding within two hours. The only thing that I was sad about was that our Dr. didn't make it in time.

At 10, I got up and showered, changed my clothes, and felt human again. My friend had stayed and was taking pictures of the little man. (Perks of having a professional photographer as a best friend) After that our nurse walked me through how to give him his bath. Man oh man was that nerve wracking! Afterwards everyone left and it was just the three of us - our new little family. It was absolutely amazing. - See more at:

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