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October 10th, 2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by juleeannk View Post
Have you talked to grandma about paced feedings to help replicate the pace of nursing?
Yep. Several times. She FF, so she doesn't understand not needing to increase amounts as he gets older. She also thinks that every time he cries it means he's hungry. That leads to more feedings and stomachaches and more crying. Unfortunately, it's come to the point that I just have to restrict the amount she gets at any one time.

That reminds me, DH is about to be put on milk restriction too. He had to take Little Dude to the dr. today for his shots. I told him that there would be plenty of milk left at daycare and that would be enough until I got home from work. So what did he do? He took one of the bottles that I pumped yesterday. 9 ounces. That's more than half of what he eats in a day! I had to (maybe not-so-gently) reminded him that we will need milk for tomorrow. Grrr....

On a side note, I see the (I assume formula) bottles that the kids in his daycare get. Kids not much bigger than Finn eating 6-8 ounces at once. I just can't imagine him putting that away at once.

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