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October 10th, 2013, 07:50 PM
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I am counting down to TTC (about 10 months still to go) and coming up with weekly challenges to get ready. This week, I added a fun one to my list: finally start adding all of my baby research to Pinterest. I made the mistake a couple of months ago of accidentally pinning several baby-related pins to one of my boards and got lots of raised eyebrows from friends/family, so this time I decided to make some secret ones (you can see my public boards here). It is really helpful to keep track of all those sites I find that will be so useful...eventually. Too bad Pinterest won't let you pin pages without pictures, like medical research articles.

Anyone else made a full-time hobby out of baby research? How do you keep track of what you discover? Do your friends and family know you are WTT or is that still a closely kept secret?
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