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October 10th, 2013, 09:19 PM
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Good question, I'm the odd one out though... the youngest showers with me, regardless of sex until s/he can stand up alone. A bouncy chair in the bathroom or mad dash to the livingroom with a wet baby just in a diaper if dh is home always works best for me I learned with my ds#1 how to wash myself quick enough, and having baby straddling one of my legs propped up on side of my tub felt comfortable for me, and felt like I could rinse off a crusty baby better than a baby bathtub...
followed this pattern through both my boys and dd who's 5and still showers with me mostly to be quick enough.
our 4 boys shower alone, before school every morning, but it was a challenge to get the now 10 year old to learn to wash himself thurough enough... hm...
Well have to see how this next one plays out, every baby deals with water differently
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