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October 11th, 2013, 08:45 AM
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OB appt:
  • The nurse had no trouble finding both Peyton & William.
  • Protein in urine moved from a +1 to a +2-- boo!.
  • I still haven't passed my pre-pregnancy weight--yay!.
  • The legs have been swelling, even my left foot got in on the action.
  • Dr spoke about trying to get to 34 weeks, which scared me a bit because that's just next weekend and it sounds like there's a possibility for an emergency before that.
  • Had to do blood work to see how much of an emergency we're talking about (fingers crossed it comes back good.)
  • The blood work left me lightheaded.
  • Next appt is Monday (yep, I do 2 a week).

Ultrasound appt:
  • Babies looked great.
  • Each had a heart rate of 152.
  • Each weighed approximately 4lbs4oz, which is on average with singletons (go, Minis!)
  • The fluid level for each was great.
  • Both are head down.
  • Peyton has asserted her dominance over William; her head is on top of his.
  • Apparently, Peyton's head is also really low and the tech asked if I feel that when I walk (I feel nothing-- thankfully).
  • Peyton refused to show her face on the 3D/4D ultrasound; she put both of her hands in front of her face and refused to move them throughout the whole time.
  • I got to see each baby practice breathing which was pretty cool (that WAS william with the hiccups earlier this week).
  • Tech said they both are measuring a little ahead (she was looking at the femurs) and said they'll probably be tall.
  • Peyton had just a tuft of hair; I've never had a bald baby before so why my girl?
  • The Minis' father came to this appointment so he got to see them.
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