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October 11th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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Sydneyrose, I am sorry for the comment someone left above when you were reaching out for support. Please don't leave the group.

I am the Mom of twins and it is so unbelievably hard at that age when they don't listen. I can't imagine being pregnant with small twins. When they don't listen, it must be so tiring! I was in a similar situation, but I had family all around and none of them would help. I learned to constantly give the kids choices in what they want to do so I had control but they felt like they had control. I also learned to take any minute for myself that I could muster up. Go to the store, take a walk, workout, go to a movie. Whenever your husband can help out. And don't be hard on yourself. You are under a lot of stress and things won't be perfect and that is okay! Make pizza every night or get takeout. Let your house go a bit.
Wishing you rest, relaxation, and a great weekend!
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