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October 11th, 2013, 10:24 AM
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In a meditation class I use to take I always felt like I was doing it wrong because I couldn't keep my mind clear like I thought I should. I finally talked to the instructor about it and she told me that she always has the strangest thoughts pop into her head during meditation but she would acknowledge them, then set them aside to think about later.

I feel like this should be applied to life. We acknowledge events, or mean people, that come our way then just dismiss it and you can always come back to it later if it is constructive. I worry about everything, ALOT. I can not stop myself from worrying no matter how crazy it is, so instead I acknowledge it and set it aside to be thought about at a time it becomes constructive.

On a side note, I love yoga classes. They are only an hour but really give you a chance to focus on you and your body. I don't know if dvds or youtube with the twins down for a nap would work? Or a gym with child center while you take a class?

Hopefully something in there helps.
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