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October 11th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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I think that while things are rough now, nine months is a long time and I think by the time the baby is almost here, everyone will really around and be much more supportive. I remember growing up I actually had two girl friends who got pregnant as teenagers in high school. In both situations their parents were DEVASTATED and in one case her parents pushed strongly for abortion. In both cases the babies' father pushed for abortion and everyone was disappointed all around. One girl I was extremely close to used to cry herself to sleep feeling like she disappointed her family because her uncle's and grand parents constantly told her how much much she should be ashamed, etc etc. In both cases my grandmother would point out to me "look at how some girls your age are messing up their lives". But in both cases, by the time the girls were getting ready to deliver, their families pulled a 360 and became supportive for the new baby. Both fathers are still involved in the childrens' lives positively (although one couple is not together) and this is seven years later. I know their situation is nothing like yours (you for example are an adult with a means to support) but I think it does help illustrate that while people can be Sooooo disappointed in the beginning, usually before the baby arrives people start focusing on the new baby's needs. I am so sure that after the initial shock goes away and as the pregnancy progresses you will get the familial support you and the baby deserve.
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