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October 11th, 2013, 11:23 AM
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(((hugs))) Babies are a blessing, no matter the circumstances they are conceived under. So many things have to go just right for a baby to come about, that when God allows that to happen, the baby is meant to be and has a purpose. I'm sure you'll find everything you will go through more than worth it. Hopefully your parents will surprise you with their reaction, if not, then I pray they will eventually come around. For most families, all the feelings fade once they meet the sweet child, if it even takes that long.

I'm also holding out telling family for much longer with this one that our others. It is #5. DH and I didn't plan this, although we know God did, and I dread MILs reaction. She didn't want us to have any more after two! It drives her crazy that we don't include her in family decisions. When we made a big annoucement for #3, she looked at DH and said, in front of everyone, "Well, I told you you're on your own after two. Don't expect me to ever watch or help out with them again..." WHAT??? No congrats, nothing. It made me cry and ruined our special night. So, then with #4, she just shrugged and walked away, no reaction. She almost lost her relationship with DH over what happened with #3's reaction, so I guess she figured what she did with 4 was better, but it was still hurtful. I can't even imagine what she'll say. I'm seriously considering not even telling her until I'm too big to deny, which if this pregnancy goes like my other, I can hide up until 6 months.

My family will be happy, though, as will some of my close friends. Though, even some friends are going to make snide comments/jokes that I'm absolutely going to hate. *sigh*

My advice is to take comfort in knowing that this child is YOURS, you're an adult, you're more than capable of caring for this absolute blessing that God created and has a special purpose for. Announce when you're ready and how you're ready. Do not let anyone steal your joy. All miracles deserve to be celebrated, so cling to those who love you and your baby and will surround you with love and support, family or not.
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