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October 11th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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I labored without an IV (not even an option at my BC). DD was born in the water and the water was bright red afterwards. Having never witnessed a birth other than my own I'm not entirely sure how normal that is. Anyway, the MW asked me about 5-10 minutes after the birth if she could give me a shot of pit because the color of the water was concerning her. She said with water births its sometimes hard to gauge how much blood the mother has lost. I consented and she gave me a shot in the leg, which I barely felt (thanks birthy hormones!). Later on she commented that my tear (not a hemorrhage) that was the source of much of the blood. I'm OK with having had the pit shot after birth. I figure my MW was being cautious and I still got the birth I wanted. My aim was to avoid a pitocin modulated labor.
DD Teagan 9/25/10

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