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October 11th, 2013, 02:11 PM
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I too have had baby fever here lately. DH has two kids (7 and 11) that we are going to try to get custody of once we have our homestead completely set up; I have a DD (almost 4) from a previous relationship, and together our DS is 11-mos. Ever since, like, August I have had babies on the brain.

We are NTNP because back in August, it was time for me to refill my BC and I simply forgot (I was not good at taking them anyway). I mentioned it to DH and he didn't really say anything. Still have not had any BC since August. We have both said that we would like to have one more together (hopefully a girl). After that, this girl is getting her tubes tied. Whenever I mention not feeling well, he always says "Your pregnant".

It probably isn't the best time in the world for us to get preggers, but I would be tickled and I think DH would be too. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and taking online classes for medical billing and coding (hopefully will be done in January). My goal is to work from home.

I do not check my ovulation calendar or anything like that, we are just basically waiting to see what happens. If we are blessed, then that's great.. If not, I am happy with what I have.

This past week, I have been having PMS symptoms (which I know you can have and still be preggo). However, I have been having a little heartburn/acid reflux (which I only get when I am PG) and some lightheadedness. I am trying not to look too much into it but I can't help but hope. AF is due Monday, so we will see. Sorry for the long luck to everyone!
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