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October 11th, 2013, 03:30 PM
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April 11? I hope thats right, okay We had just moved April 1st and I was cleaning probably 6am-2am with a few half hour breaks in between. (My mom is a hoarder, and she takes care of my grandfather, so aps was starting to get involved and we just could not put off moving) Anyways it was a huge adjustment. A year ago, I was taking care of my son who I had quite my job to care for back in january because he got a MRSA infection (from a client I was working with at a care home and NONE of the staff were informed, it was a home for ppl with disabilities) anyways we were just getting the MRSA irradicated from his body (medication up all our noses, bathing in chlorhexidine, ect.) My fiance was working but wasnt getting enough hours and we were struggling financially but surviving. But now? He has a great job, he was hired on maybe a week or two before we found out about the bby (had just quit a crappy job he transferred to) I mean its just amazing how far we have come from a yr ago, or even from bby #1 until now.
Oh! and luke was wearing a harness! Totally for got about that. He had hip displaysia when he was born and had to wear a harness from birth. We finally got to take it off completely this yr and he gets checked in december. hoping for the best!

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