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October 11th, 2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by RunningMommyTo5 View Post
Six months ago: I just looked at today's date and it was 6 months ago to the day that my then 7 month old daughter was being admitted into the hospital for what we were told would be at least a week, if not more. She needed to put on weight and had a failure to thrive diagnosis, weighing only 11lbs. They were starting a lot of her diagnostic work ups to figure out a diagnosis for her. *here we are six months later with her being 13mo old and still no diagnosis, but we're closer. Potentially something auto-immune, metabolic, or enzyme disorder* She was a healthy growing baby until 2 months old, her head stopped growing, and then her weight dropped dramatically and she couldn't keep it on *one more sn: we've gotten her weight up to around 18-19lbs and she's only slightly delayed developmentally at the moment. hoping to get her official diagnosis and treatment started next month FX'd*

Also, my boys were right smack in the middle of baseball season and we were crazy busy since the two oldest boys play in two different age groups.

One year ago: I had a newborn, 1mo old girl, coming into a house of three crazy older brothers She came smack at the beginning of the new school year and right after my oldest's football season had started. Again, crazy busy, but we like it that way. DD just fit right in and went with the flow! Ironically both one year and six months ago, DH and I both agreed we were D.O.N.E having children....haha....God had other plans!

It's so crazy how much can change in a short year, isn't it?? To think the guy you thought wouldn't go anywhere with a few months ago and now here you are with this little baby with him!

SO Glad she is doing better! That must have been so scary. That is amazing improvement! *fingerscrossed with getting her diagnosis and for more improvement*

Originally Posted by Danielle80 View Post
Six months ago: My DH was deployed and life was crazy. We were beginning to think about the end of school (May) and bdays (3 of my 4 kids are June babies) but really life was just as crazy as it is now.

1 year ago: We were gearing up for DH's deployment and trying to get a schedule down for the upcoming year. We had just started both of my boys in ABA therapy (one has Aspergers and the other Autism) and I was trying to get my youngest into preschool. Life has gotten much easier since starting therapy, although they go 3 & 4 days a week along with school so I constantly run around like a crazy person. It has helped them tremendously.
Omg! Thats a lot on your plate! Glad they are doing so much better!

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