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October 11th, 2013, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Danielle80 View Post
That's funny, we usually get the oh wow! 2 on the spectrum?!? It's refreshing to meet another family like us. It is a crazy house most of the time but man do I love these crazy boys!

I would love to be able to talk to another mom who totally gets the whole ASD life. If you need anything, let me know also. How old are your boys? Jackson is 7 and Lincoln is 4.
I get these same comments, plus add to that all we've been through with Bailey this year has been rough! Thomas is my aspie and he's also 7, Evan is other one with ASD and he's 3, so they're close! Thomas also has severe ADHD. We're looking into different therapies for them now and we need to change T's ADHD meds because they are clearly not working to improve his focus. We definitely need to connect. The comment I hate the most is when I tell someone they're on the spectrum, they try to tell me that they don't think he is. Really? Because you know so much about Aspergers? All the sensory issues he has? All the ticks, impulses, compulsions, irrational fears, the need for routine and the absolute panic that ensues if it's broken, the heartbreak over not being able to get affection from him, or a true connection, the social issues he has with others his age. I could go on, but I don't want to highjack this post any further... So frustrating that people think that because they look normal that there can't be anything wrong.

I'm so sorry about your youngest. My youngest is very hard to understand. He mumbles and talks to himself a lot, and he's very much speech delayed. I am constantly having to translate to other people, IF I can even understand what he's saying. But, that's so minor comparatively to what your son is experiencing. I will be praying for you and your family!
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