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October 12th, 2013, 06:56 AM
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Hello there!
Ok here is my situation, I had missed my period in August, then miscarried on September 6th (4 days after AF was due) then my next period was due on October 2nd or 4th the latest since i am usually a 26 day cycle. So around September 29th I thought I felt different and took a test - it came up positive. I retested about 4 times since then and all positive.
I had a appointment at the clinic and met with a student, she was looking or expecting to see a 8 week image for the ultrasound going off the original date. I explained to her that pregnancy ended, but I got the impression she didn't believe me. I bled heavy, clots and all. I do not think that was an incomplete pregnancy. She seems to think it was. I also took a test a week after bleeding and it came up not pregnant - so to get another positive after that could not possibly be related to the same pregnancy.
Anyway, she did a scan, had a doc come in and look at it too very briefly and was quick to tell me it was not viable, probably a collapsed sac, that it was not round as it should be. I asked her if it would look like that if it was only maybe 4 weeks or 4 and a half weeks, she said well...maybe but it is unlikely that it will be a good pregnancy.
Now, I have 3 kids, and I have had 2 miscarriages in my life, both had bleeding one was about 18 yrs ago and i bled then stopped and they did a ultrasound and didn't see a heartbeat so they did a d&c. This last one I had lost my symptoms then about 3 days earlier then had strong cramping and bled straight through for 4 days.
Here are some little nagging questions I really just need someone to help me with. One - is it possible she was wrong, that the sac was just very early and maybe will go from that teardrop shape to round and come together in 2 weeks?
Second question, since my body is pretty predictable would it really be possible to miscarry differently this time? how common is that, to still have symptoms - still have tender boobs and nipples, no bleeding at all, and be miscarrying after my other times I bled straight away.
Since this pregnancy started only symptom I have had is very lightly tender breasts not major soreness, just tender around the edges, and my nipples are super sensitive, bloating and that is about it.
Also, I would like to mention, I bought those Clearblue test with the weeks estimator, I took it a week ago said 1-2 then I took it wednesday it said 2-3 and today again still reads 2-3 .
I was expecting to see a drop like back to 1-2 at the very least.
I was constipated and yesterday and today I did have the poops (tmi sorry) now last time I had the poops then bled instantly. Still no bleeding though.
I am SOOOO confused.
I feel lost, I know only a ultrasound will reallly tell me but has anyone had anything similiar with a very early scan? I only got one cause she was thinking I was still 8 weeks and did not fully miscarry, otherwise they would had sent me away til at least 7 weeks, but I really truly believe that miscarriage was complete.
I am getting older now (37) and just not sure if I should stop trying or what.
Kind of stressed, I am constantly poking at my boobs, retesting... I am a person who can't handle the unknown well.. I need closure.
Ok long enough here... anyone can give me any feedback?
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