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October 12th, 2013, 10:27 AM
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Okay so Ive calculated my conception sept 7 (could have been sept 6, but sticking w 7) Ovulation was sept 11th - II know I didnt concieve at ovulation, because we didnt do the deed during ovulation .I tested positive Sept 28, and this line was a bit dark ( it was dark half way up and then light half way up lol) I only get a positive test after exactly three weeks. (Was that way for both kids found out with my first at 3w3d, and Luke 3w. ) So my nurse told me I am 7 weeks preg. My due date is 5/31 at 38 weeks. But I counted and Im only 5 weeks. So how did she get 7? I mean the dd is correct at 38 weeks, but why did she say I was 7 weeks? If I concieved on the 7th up until now, Im only 5. Or are they counting two weeks before that? My last period was aug 24th. Im trying to figure out why she said I was 7... I know the ultrasound will confirm just trying to figure it out.

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