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October 12th, 2013, 03:50 PM
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Breastfeeding can be very hard to start, both mother and baby are learning. One of the first thing my midwife asked me was if I have flat nipples. I dont. You can get shields if thats the case. I wish I knew that nursing bra's were a godsend instead of waiting until she was a few days old to get some and a BFing pillow is awesome too. Doesnt HAVE to be a BFing pillow but the curve helps. And pads!! I tried Lily Pads at one point too, they were ok but wouldnt recommend if you have lots of leaking like I did at first.

Not a bad idea to keep cabbage on hand, it helps with engorgement pain. Never did it myself but have heard good things. Look up thrush and mastitis, learn the dfferences and what pain is normal and what is not. Not all women get engorged, but those like me that do? It HURTS. My boobs got so big they were shiney lol. I remember pacing waiting for the baby to wake up to give relief.......and you can hand express to relieve some pain, wouldnt recommending pumping as BF is about supply and demand and your body will make more than needed. Just enough to relive pressure. It WILL even out. See what works best for you. And as a FTM it amazed me that the milk sprayed out in a bunch of different directions, honestly never thought of how it worked before lol

BF babies do eat a lot, and ITA don't schedule, feed on demand. First big growth spurt is about 3 weeks and that can be a killer. As long as there are plenty of wet diapers, all is well. I was told to change baby first then feed, I learned quite quick not to do that cause eating caused her bowels to move so two diaper changes? Nope. There WILL be times where your baby doesnt poop even for up to a week, dont worry about that, it's normal for a BF baby!! That just means their bodies are using everything they are eating. I think thats after a few months though?

"Feed on one side for ten mins then switch". That advice drives me nuts. Dont do that. The more fatty milk is at the back of the breast and the baby will eventually get to it, and when done on the one side, no matter how long it takes, then switch if the baby wants. Go by your babys cues not what a book says.

Ive heard that you can tell how much you are making by using a breastpump. Dont go by that, a baby is more efficient than a pump is. Also dont make the mistake of comparing how many ounces a BF baby vs a FF baby eat. It's very different, your baby will eat what is needed and your body will accommodate that.

For bottles, from my first I read a lot of recommendations to wait approx 6 weeks before trying a bottle with your baby to prevent nipple preference. Some babies can decide they get their food so much easier with a bottle and give up. Mine saw them as torture devices, and I tried every kind out there so I dont have much more to add this time. She wouldnt even take it from a cup when older she only wanted it "straight from the tap". Im sure this baby will be different.

Don't let anyone discourage you!! Your baby, your choice. Ive heard the excuse of not being able to bond due to not being able to feed the baby cause of "a selfish bfing mom", but theres A LOT more to raising and bonding with a baby than feeding. And only mom doing it doesnt last forever!!

For storing breastmilk in a freezer theres different amount of times you can store it depending on your freezer. I dont remember how long I have to relook that up. I used a manual pump and got the most in the longer stretches of time that she slept cause she was good with just the one side per feeding most times by a certain age dont remember what exactly, but sometimes she wanted both.

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