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October 12th, 2013, 09:32 PM
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Okay so first, a little background info. I am a 23 year old female. I am in a committed relationship. We are not trying to conceive but not preventing either. If it happens, then it happens. Ever since my very first menstrual cycle, my periods have been extremely regular. 28-30 days apart, usually lasting 4-5 days. My last cycle began on August 11th. I missed my period in September, which has never happened to me. The next week after expected period, I had light pink discharge that changed from a brown color back to the pink color for about 4 days. It wasn't even enough to see when I wiped (TMI sorry!) but I knew it was there. I went to the doctor who gave me a pelvic exam and a urine pregnancy test which came back negative. I have had hypothroidism in the past but for the past year, my levels have been wonderful (I had them checked the last week in August). Anyways, the doc told me that my discharge was an infection which would have no effect on my period whatsoever. She also told me that my uterus felt large and swollen and put me on prenatal vitamins. I was told to make another appt in two weeks which I went to and was once again gave a urine sample. Negative again, she said my levels may be too low and that it's not uncommon for some women to not test positive on a urine test. I was once again told to come back in two weeks. The wait is killing me!! I am now 62 days past having a period. My next expected period was suppose to start yesterday with no sign of beginning. I have been feeling extremely tired, slight crampy for the past few weeks, a dull backache occasionally, and have sore nipples but not breasts. Any advice or comments?? Thank you in advance!!
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