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October 13th, 2013, 08:50 AM
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Oh I am sooooo anti princess... Lol. It is totally just my tomboy personality, I don't want any semblance of princesses in my house because it just feels icky to me. I don't have that whole ideological disagreement with the whole princess culture "what are we teaching our daughters" blahblahblah so much as just a lifelong history of NOT being into dolls, tiaras, princess dresses etc. That said, I had to buy M's Halloween costume at Costco and ALL they had were Disney princess costumes, so I got her an Ariel dress and removed the Ariel brooch and she will also have some fairy wings and a ribbon ring and be a fairy, which I think she will love. But she has never been exposed to Disney princess characters, doesn't know who they are. I might be able to stave it off until kindergarten because her preschool is Waldorf and they don't allow any characters of any kind on clothing, toys, etc in the school environment.

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