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October 13th, 2013, 09:16 AM
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Here is an excerpt from the, now, 3. edition of Warren McLachlan's book.


Warren & Kaisu’s first son William McLachlan, born in Australia on the 12th.

Kaisu begins to Punish William at 2 weeks of age - starting with flicking him in the head with her finger if he refuses to obey her.

Before William is 1 year old Kaisu’s punishment increases to pinching; biting; slapping and screaming at him like a Banshee.

‘99 - ‘01
Kaisu’s mistreatment of William intensifies.

My attempts to correct Kaisu’s behaviour only provoke her.

Kaisu takes William and unborn Mikael to Finland to visit her family for Christmas, I was not invited.

Kaisu phoned me from Finland and told me she was pregnant with our second son Mikael.

Kaisu phoned me that she was too sick to fly home.

Kaisu phoned me that she was too pregnant to fly home.

Mikael is Born on the 20th in Finland.

Kaisu tells me she will be home after the Christening.

Kaisu tells me she has applied for Divorce.

Kaisu promises me Marriage Counselling, but only if I come to Finland.

I am in Finland.

Kaisu tells me that she only promised me Marriage Counselling to delay a Hague Application for International Child Abduction.

Kaisu denies me the right to take William home to Australia.

I become aware that Psychiatrists; Psychologists and Social Workers (Psychs) are “caring” for my Children.


This is how an unimaginable tragedy began, which has not ended to this very day. One of the boys was placed in a foster home three years ago, where he has better conditions than in the childrens home, but the medication, up to five different ones at the same time, continues uninterrupted. What sort of disease these boys have, apart from separation anxiety, is not exactly clear. For the neutral observer, little stands out as diseased from the descriptions given by the father or as quoted of the psychiatric professionals.

Separating a child from its parents is a serious matter I think most of you will agree with. I don't write so much for the discussion, as to hear if someone has any tips or advice, if you know someone who speaks Finnish or has time to sign his petition.

The book can be found by Google. Type: the Dark Side of Finland.

Link to the petition can be found at OccupyYourself.webs on the News section

There's an interview with him at Red Ice Creations

There's an appeal I wrote and sent to about 90% of Finnish online media at OccupyYourself.webs
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