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October 13th, 2013, 11:29 AM
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I wouldn't say if heat makes it worse or not to be honest. Over heated yes.. but not in a tub of hot water. He itches like mad when he's cold, or if he's too hot (think winter or in the heat of summer).

During our active ttc months I tend to make him perform before his bath... a little smellier, but better than swimmers that have been simmering for 2 hours. The baths alone could be what's killing our chances... in that case it'd be straight to IUI I think.. cause while he could give up baths for a few days to give a sample.. he couldn't do it for my entire O. It's not like he's in there because he wants to be, just can't function with out them.

When his skin was worse he could do lukewarm baths. But how it is as thin as a babies , and if the water isn't warmer than body temperature, he turns purple and shivers I'm really worried about how he's going to do working up here this winter, since usually he works from Oct to December in Southern Indiana, laid off until March, and then back down there, or over to the Cincinnati area. He's gonna be so cold

I will give the oatmeal bath a try though.. I didn't realize you could do it like a tea bag... only time I've ever had an oatmeal bath was for the chicken pox and my mom had a friend grind it up into powder.
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