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October 13th, 2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by MamaSkunk View Post
I wasn't against it except for dealing with the poo and ya know lil man has pooped on me so many times and peed on me so often I am kinda over it. It was also a cost factor as I didnt have the money to buy enough then. But we sold our old car so I was able to splurge
Lol, I love it when a FTM says "I can't do cloth because I won't touch baby poop" I'm like... You will have a baby... You WILL touch baby poop TRUST me lol. It will even go in your washing machine!!!

I remember once DD had a big poop in the BATH :O it was soooo gross and I couldn't believe it but I literally picked up a turd in my hand and threw it into the toilet I didn't even have time to think twice about it. By far grosser than anything I'd ever done with cloth diapers.

This is why we wash our hands, folks.

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