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October 13th, 2013, 01:04 PM
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We hired a photographer to come to our house to take pictures of us as a family and of Rowan specifically since we don't have nice pictures of him. I told her that our house was dark and she assured me that it would be no problem because she'll bring in her own lighting.

This is a sample of what we got:

First off, the images she sent us are very small making getting larger prints impossible due to the amount of artifacting and the kind of filter she used. There's no way that I'll be able to get a 8x10 of any of these pictures. Second, the posing on some of these is awful! She says that she can't be blamed for how we posed. Well, I was *IN* the pictures so how the heck do I know what we look like? She's supposed to be guiding us! These are so awkward. Alex has snot and spit around his mouth! The one of us on the couch looks so amateur! Third, the photoshopping is HEAVY. Rory has no eyelashes in many of the pictures! Because of artifacting and the the filter she used the whites of his eyes are gray!

She refuses to send us the raw images saying that she can re-edit them but she also refuses to send them in the correct size for larger printing. Which means we are demanding a refund. Which breaks my heart. Because we can fix these images. We can make them look good if only we had the raw images. It just seriously pisses me off! None of the other photos in her portfolio look anything near this bad or awkward. She's taken pictures of my family and friends with much better results.

I'm not going to post who took these pictures because I'm not interested in doing a public humiliation. Just please tell me that I have a right to be upset, that this is not what professional photography should be.

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