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October 13th, 2013, 02:32 PM
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Hey ladies. I posted about 18 weeks ago that I was 8 weeks postpartum and was having pregnancy symptoms again. A couple days later I got what looked like a positive test. Well following that test I've only had negatives and I've had my period monthly although abnormal. I dismissed it all as an evap and that was I thought. Last week I was laying in bed taking a breather while DH gave the girls lunch and I swear I felt movement in my low low abdomen...too low to be intestinal I think. I thought I was crazy and shrugged it off. Since then I feel "fetal movement" feels like something is rubbing or's not a "kick" or gas bubble type feeling. It feels alive (sounds so crazy). Pregnancy tests are still negative both urine and one blood. Every time it stops I convince myself it's gas and then when I feel it again I get confused all over. It feels like a baby..I've had two you would think id know the feeling. I'm so confused. I've had EXTREME fatigue for the last 3 months, I've been nauseated almost daily and my tummy is bloated. My GP checked my thyroid thinking it was postpartum thyroiditis, but all is normal. I'm just so confused and scared. Is it possible to be pregnant with neg test and "periods"? Could it be twins and the hook effect?

Thanks for any insight!

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