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October 13th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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My hair is falling out hardcore. I get rat sized hairballs in the drain and handfuls whenever I run my fingers through to redo my ponytail or braid it. It is long and dark and so the individual hairs are quite noticeable.

I was going to wait until it was done falling out and then go to the stylist who has cut it several times for me in the past. But I am so done with shedding everywhere I go that I am seriously considering just taking a pair of scissors to it myself. My stylist takes some time to line up and I have to line up childcare, etc and I just want this hair off, kwim???

DH told me I looked very beautiful in the morning light when I first pulled my bun out and shook my hair down. I said, " and then when I started pulling out clumps of hair and collecting a massive hairball... Did that ruin it?" And he was like, "yeah, just a bit." Lol

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