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October 13th, 2013, 06:49 PM
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I'm really, really not trying to be a complete jerk here but....I just find it really strange that you're here pining and secretly trying to make a baby with someone who's actively taking steps to not get you pregnant. Now obviously, he could do a better job, ie condoms. But still. Hasn't he stated to you many times that he's not ready?

I mean, I've been there. I was so ready for a baby years ago but was with someone who had other ideas. It was painful. But I would never, ever want to force someone into parenthood when they're not ready. Your SO has told you he wants kids in the future, right? So it's not like it's a never, it's just a "when."

Think of how great it will be when he IS ready and you two can go about baby making in the right away, with both of you on board. Then when you do get a BFP
it'll be total joy and happiness, and not one of you being wary. Even if he's a great dad and more than willing to take on all the responsibilities a child brings, it would still be much more enjoyable if he was actively trying for one.

Obviously just my two cents. I've been following your story for awhile now and just felt I had to say something.

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