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October 14th, 2013, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by OCBlonde985 View Post
November 1st will mark a year of me being off birth control...somehow we haven't gotten prego My friends all say it will prob be hard for me to conceive and take awhile since nothing has happened yet...
Isn't it likely that you haven't gotten pregnant because he wears a condom or pulls out and that he isn't ready to have a baby yet? It is really not healthy to be this obsessed about "accidentally" getting pregnant. Take this time to build and grow in your relationship, mark some things off of your bucket list, and work on being ready for that family (i.e. obtain insurance, save money for baby things, etc.).

It is also not fair that he put you off forever and never give you any answers about when he might be ready, so maybe you guys can have a conversation and work on goal-setting for your relationship.

I was also ready before my DH and it was torture waiting until he was on-board to TTC, but it was absolutely amazing to work as a team to make our family.

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