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October 14th, 2013, 09:20 AM
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Sorry, this is a little long........

On Friday when I picked Parker up from school, he was pretty bummed. He said, "Mom, I don't think Mrs. M likes me......" I asked why, and he said she was passing out papers, and everyone was talking, and he called her name, to ask her something. She didn't answer, so he called her name a few more times, and then in a mean voice, said, "I've been TRYING and TRYING to ignore you, but you WON'T be quiet!" I asked him if he was supposed to be raising his hand, or if she was busy with somebody else, or if he was interrupting her, etc, and he said no. He said it was a free time, where kids were talking to each other, and she was just walking around, not talking to anyone, passing out their graded tests.

And also that same day, he said he asked her a question about something, and she said in a mean voice, "UGH, can SOMEbody please explain this to Parker, since he apparently doesn't KNOW!" and then a few minutes later his friend asked the same question, and she just answered him nicely and didn't get mad.

He SAYS he feels like she doesn't like him, and is picking on him. I kind of believe him, because this is the same explanation I've gotten from several parents, and they've told me this on FB or in person without Parker around.....and I've never mentioned it to him. So, it's not just something he's gotten from me.....But, many parents have said she singles kids out to pick on.....(and she's also on probation......) SOUNDS like she's decided to single out Parker to be the kid to pick least so it SOUNDS from Parker. I know how kids are, and I don't know all of the circumstances......but, I know things don't get to Parker very easily, and he was so upset he doesn't want to finish his last week of school.

Well, this morning I told Parker that I wanted him to go, and to make the best of it. I told him that he would be sorry later if he didn't, because he wouldn't have closure, and wouldn't be able to say goodbye to his friends, and he was fine with going.

Well, I decided to talk to the principal this morning about the whole situation. She was very appreciative that I sent him today, and was also very grateful I talked to her. She was super nice about it, and we talked for awhile, and she was saying that Parker will do fine wherever he goes, but she didn't want him to leave on a bad note, with no closure. I told her that part of why he MAY be do upset over his teacher is because he's already emotional and stressed over our move, etc. She said that is definitely part of it, but NOT something to blame it all on. She said that there is still an issue with the teacher, and even if he IS emotional right now, what his teacher said was NOT right, regardless.

She said she's going to pull Parker out of his specialty this morning, so his teacher won't know she talked to him. She'll just talk with him to make him feel better, and just address the issue with him. And she's going to address it with the teacher, but not tell her what parent complained, so she won't have hard feelings toward Parker this week. I feel much better now! She is SUCH a great principal, and a nice person. I am really glad I went and talked with her now!

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