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October 14th, 2013, 09:36 AM
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I've never posted on anything like this before but I'm hoping for some insight. My periods were pretty much always regular - 28 days. My husband and I are ttc. My period started on 9/15, I ovulated on the 29 and we "tried" all up to and past this date. Out of the blue on 10/9, 24 days post ovulation, I started bleeding (and cramping too) but it was nothing like my period. Diff color, much lighter (my monthly periods are brutal) but still heavier than I would expect implantation bleeding to be. It's lasted off and on until today. Negative hpts. I know my body well enough to know something is off. Has this ever happened to anyone? It's strange to me that for someone so conssistent, that everything goes wacky this month when it's the first month we were really aware of ovulation date. This did not happen with my daughter. How long did some of you have to wait for ppt? Anyone else have implantation bleedin that was heavier?

Thanks so much for the support and insight.
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