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October 14th, 2013, 01:18 PM
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You definitely sound busy Becky! Glad your DH's party went well! James Bond and Tequila definitely made me chuckle!

AFM - Had a great time at the wedding! Was great to see my best friend and some of my other friends from home as well! Was also great to have a night away with just DH (kids stayed at my parents). My schedule looks like it may calm down for a bit now, so trying to catch up on cleaning the house as well as get my scrappy room picked up. Bought another 3 shelf unit to put in my scrappy room. Hoping this gives me the last little bit of storage that I need in there. Want to get that put together today. Teasing DH that he needs to go ahead and buy a game camera today. Told him that he might not need to use it right now, but I definitely would. Something has been coming up pretty close to the house. I've been concerned what kind of animal after I heard what I thought was out dog yelp one night. Wondering now if it was one of our cats as we have been missing one ever since. Dog dish kept getting really low overnight....which means whatever it is is brave enough to come into a fenced yard. Started shutting the gate and put an end to that. Came home from the wedding yesterday and a section of our chain link fence is all bent up - like something ran into it multiple times. Even looks like whatever it was tried to jump the fence as there was dents in the fence toward the top too. I sure hope that we don't have a really brave coyote or mountain lion trying to catch our cats! Kind of have to roll my eyes as I told DH, when the water dish was mysteriously getting low, that I thought something was coming up to the house. He didn't believe me...but now that we have dents in our fence he is starting to wonder too. Guess that is pretty much it going on here. Will try to get pictures taken of my projects and put up today too!
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