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October 14th, 2013, 01:24 PM
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Yesterday two people I know announced that they were pregnant, neither have a home or a steady partner, thwy are both in unstable relationships, werent trying, and thier biggest worry is where to put the crib as one is living with her parents again and the other is in a one bedroom apartment. Oh and did I mention that they both released the news the same day the witch showed up? It always amazes me how happy I am for all the ladies on here when they get a BFP but how hard it is when I see people who didnt want or try to get pregnant, flashing thier iltrasound pics I just feel defeated and want to say the heck with it, maybe if we werent trying it would be quicker to happen.Sorry for the rant. Just really feeling defeated by ttc this cycle for some reason. Partially I am sure because we cant ttc this cycle due to the timing.

Anyway, on a better note AF has been much lighter than normal so I guess that is my silver lining lol

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