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October 14th, 2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by madis-mama17 View Post
Well I am a female and my husband is circumcised....but working in the medical field and see and taking care of men who are not circumcised my children will be. The fore skin can get very easily infected and cause infections. And if it's not pulled back down over the tip it can cause the penis to swell and get infected to the point of having to be removed (I've seen this happen 2 in my 10+ yrs of my medical career) anyways just my 2 cents
^ This. From a medical side, it's better (for lack of a better word). Plus, the older the person, the more painful and problematic the procedure can be. Are you considering waiting for your child to be over 18 to make that decision? If he has been one way, he won't know any different. What might change his mind would be research (if he did any) and any medical problems that arise.
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