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October 14th, 2013, 06:13 PM
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okay, so i've never done this before, and im not sure how to write on here honestly... and what would be considered too much. so sorry ahead of time ladies.

i have a fertility? calendar thing on my phone. my ovulation dates were the 2,3, and 4th of this month. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex on the 3rd, all the way. around the 6th or 7th i got some mild period like cramps, (which i know is early, but possible) those lasted for about 2 days. i still have some light cramping and my back isn't as tight now but it's still annoying.

the thing that actually first caught my attention to the idea that i may be pregnant was when my face started breaking out about a week ago. i usually have clear skin and it doesnt start to get oily or pimply a day or two before my period.

I'm tired pretty much all the time. i get up around 630 now? everyday. and for the last 2 days its been 530. fortunately the last 2 days i've been able to fall back asleep. but i've been going to bed early and waking up all through the night. i've been drinking coffee, daily... just to make it to 830 at night.

2 days ago my nipples started hurting, but not tender or anything, i looked at them and they were dry, the tips were chapped and then theres little chapped bumps that i've never noticed. today they seem a lot better but the tips are still a little dry.

i had sex with my boyfriend a few days ago and the first time it hurt like he was hitting something wrong and then the second day it felt like he just didnt fit, and i mean.. i've been with him for a year. we had sex 3 times and i was wet, it just wasnt getting any better... but i still wanted it.

i went a day without eating because everytime i tried either nothing sounded good or i would take a bite and immediately regret it, food didnt even smell good. another day i went and ate at mcdonalds... which surprise.. it mad me sick. but it didnt make anyone else sick, and my stomach was upset for about an hour like 2 hours after i ate, which was weird.

and just today i've been going to the bathroom a lot more, i haven't noticed myself drinking more liquids either.

my boyfriends freaking out a little just because he knows i havent been feeling well, and i'm sleeping a lot more. i'v'e talk to my mom and sister and they get all embarrassed and dont want to talk about it. i dont know who to ask if im just over worrying or not. i've always wanted to be a mommy and it would make me more than happy, which makes me think im over thinking things. should i test? i'm 4 days away from my expected period.

also, im 23.
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