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October 14th, 2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by momof8lopez View Post
The more I talk about it, the more I relive it. I guess at this point, I just need to stop talking about it for awhile and concentrate on how beautiful little Rey is and how lucky I'am. You nailed it though about the birth experience.....I had invissioned all those emotions of when they put the baby on your chest for the first breath, having dh cut the cord, giving his first bath, having him see me when his eyes open for the very time......all of those things were taken from me. But like I said, I'm grateful I have him. So many other mama's never get to hold their baby's EVER after a birth like his, and for this I will just suck it up and praise God that he gave me that.

Thank you ladies for all the kind supportive advice and just listening. It has helped alot, at least I'm not stuck on the negative anymore. Lots of love to you.
That makes sense that it kinda just makes it worse. If it would even help at all, maybe brew up a big pot of chamomile tea, and just sip on it all day, maybe help calm your nerves a little and think a little more clearly? I know that's kind of lame advice in the face of what you've been through, but sometimes (for me anyway) just knowing I can reach for SOMEthing to try to help myself feel better, can be a psychological help too.
Sounds like for you, maybe the best therapy might be just trying to breathe in Rey's new baby smell, take it one day at a time. Sometimes it's best to put stuff like that aside until you can process it better.

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