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October 14th, 2013, 10:57 PM
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I don't know why doctors dismiss mothers' intuition frequently. I sincerely hope your situation shakes them to their core that they could have been responsible for your (and your baby's) death that day. I hope they take a good look in their hearts and set aside their pompous MD pride and acknowledge that many times, mother knows best.
I would be so angry in your place. You were made to feel ashamed for something that was the RIGHT choice. No one should ever feel that way when they are acting in the best interests of their precious baby.
I am sure there are countless other mothers out there who had their intuition pooh-poohed, or were afraid to speak it out, and had something tragic happen as a result. That's just not acceptable. I wonder if it's something carried over from the paternalistic society in our not-so-distant past, where women were pretty things to hang on a man's arm, who were given to "hysterics", and who were not educated because it was thought that we weren't smart enough to learn the kind of things men did.
It's only in recent years that women are even allowed to birth someplace other than strapped down to the bed and gassed! Can you imagine? It's time for your baby to be born--so you are strapped down, gassed so you don't remember, and your baby is dragged out of you. We're doing better now medically, but it's awful that that time ever even existed. Medical science needs to get their heads out of their ***** and learn that they are NOT God.

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