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October 15th, 2013, 03:44 AM
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caliteacher, welcome!! I am a speech/language therapist who works in the schools and I am worried about missing important things too. It is hard to worry about these things and plan such a big thing like this around your work schedule and the rules for when you can take off!

April, I am a Nov FET so we may be close together. I should be starting my estrogen on day 3 of my cycle, which SHOULD be happening Oct 26ish... So from what I understand for my FET it's about 14 days of estrogen and 4 days progesterone then transfer (and progesterone continues). Does that sound right ladies who have done this?

Has anyone ever went an extra week or so on estrogen? I'm trying to time mine for a due date toward the middle/end of Aug so my RE said she can play with the estrogen and add another week of it.

Leah - I am not a POAS-er... I would be too afraid. I think with my last (first and only) IVF I did, but not sure if I will this time!

I have a good feeling about you JennyLee! My friend just did a frozen and had a morula (I think that may be a term for your 12 day) and she's preg!


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