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October 15th, 2013, 04:45 AM
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Its been a rough week here - non wedding, non pregnancy related, family stuff. Not to be discussed here but nonetheless, its been and is going to be difficult for a while. Any positive thoughts you can send mine and DFs way are appreciated

In pregnancy news, I had my midwife appointment last thursday. It all went well, the babys heartbeat was in the 150's. The midwife is still not warming herself to me, really scatterbrained. She had actually 'mislaid' (her words) my blood test results and had to call up for them whilst we were there! And she always makes us feel rushed and like we're being a PITA just being there. Unfortunately she's the only midwife attached to my GP practice so there isnt anyone else I can see

Also in baby news, I *think* i've started feeling some movement. I noticed it first last monday (16+1), I was laid in bed on my side and felt something like rolls/flutters. Felt something again last thursday (16+4) after the midwife appointment. Since sunday (17) to today (tuesday 17+2) I've felt something each day, at this point i'm pretty sure its baby rather than my digestive system lol! Its a wondeerful feeling but the funny thing is, it realllly doesnt help with my nausea! It makes me feel quite quesy, hopefully i'll get used to it!

And in realllllly exciting news, just this morning I have booked for us to go have a private gender scan on thursday! I cant wait, given all the crappyness we've had going on we decided it would be nice to find out sooner to cheer us both up. I just hope this LO cooperates! So I will fill you all in ASAP!

In wedding news, its getting closer....3 weeks on Friday! I had part one of my hen do on Saturday, mostly with family and my bridesmaids plus a couple of friends. I had a lovely time, we played some funny hen games, like make a toilet roll wedding dress, pin the willy on the naked man poster and other such things

Oh and I finally managed to get a belly pic, my mirrors at home are just not set up for taking them so I took the opportunity to use the bathroom at the venue for the hen do! I'm pretty sure baby had a growth spurt this weekend too as my abdomen has been soooo sore!

....grrrr photobucket isnt saving my edits of the photo, ill post it soon!

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