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October 15th, 2013, 06:29 AM
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its not exactly a typo but rather using the wrong english word in place of another. it's happened twice actually...and i dont think i'll ever live them down. lol

1. when i was younger i was walking through the store with my mom and i was telling her (rather loudly) about a cooking show i had watched on tv and they were cooking octopus. the chef said to keep the "testicles" on when cooking them. (yes i meant TENTACLES) and im pretty sure i heard someone giggle on the next aisle over.

2. when we were still dating or just newly married...michael comes home from work and is telling me about a warehouse that they had to do a fire inspection on. he was telling me about all the high security they had in the building and what not and they had to gain access through a RETNA scanner. (what i heard was "rectum") so i went on to say "wow...kinda reminds me of in the prisons when they have to search all the prisoners for contraband and stuff...its amazing what people will hide up their butts." at this point, michael is just looking at me like "WTH are you talking about?!?!?!" and i was like "rectum scanners...." he couldnt help but just laugh, shake his head and say "RET-NA, honey, RET-NA". hehe
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