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October 15th, 2013, 07:08 AM
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I'm so sorry you find yourself in such a tough place.

If you are having a moment of intense anger and frustration.. just be with that. Allow yourself to feel that... don't act on it... don't last out at others but let the feeling just be and feel and if you can, allow it to run it's course. Fighting the feeling only gives it power and invests energy into it.

In those moments, I try to breathe consciously and deeply until the intensity dies down just enough for me to be able to keep my mouth shut and I work to be kind and supportive with myself as I would be with a friend.

As for knowing what you're making up in your head or what is true. Remember a few weeks ago when we discussed the Ego, we named it so we could see it more clearly.. and that everything which comes from ego is all about fear, anger, frustration, the need to be certain, right and better than others... Ego will tell you that you're not good enough to deserve the good in your life... it will tell you that you're confused and the truth eludes you, it will whisper failure and doubt to you at every turn.

If your mind is overrun with these kinds of thoughts, it's Ego. And, it's controlling you.

Seeing the truth involves pushing the ego aside and seeing the world through more objective eyes. Seeing the good inside yourself. Seeing the good in your life.. seeing your weaknesses and your strong points and loving yourself through all of them.

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