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October 15th, 2013, 09:01 AM
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Hi everyone! I have not been on this site... But this is what has been happening!
- I had my hysteroscopy (18 SEPT)
- Started taking Decapeptyl (14 days// shots in the arms)
- My period came Oct 1.
-Baseline U/S and Blood Work 2nd October... and 3.75 injection of Decpeptyl
-QUIET for a 10 days....
-Started Menopur injections (3 vials) 12 October... (In my thighs?)((7 days))
-I have my next appointment on the 19th to get a scan.
I feel like everyone has moved ahead and I am just waiting...
The waiting kills me! And does anyone else get hot flashes from their meds?
Jenny- I really like reading up on your process!

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