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October 15th, 2013, 09:42 AM
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If it was really healthier to be circumcised, i believe evolution would have caught on (or will perhaps someday). But for now, the foreskin still exists. Even if i don't fully understand or appreciate its role, its existence has survived this far, and that still means something, imo. It is just so 'human' to assume we can design a better human than nature can, lol.
I realize, once again, that my philosophy isn't widely accepted in America. As with many parenting choices, i would rather ease or treat natural complications if they arise, than to actively request an optional procedure that also carries its own, unnatural, complications.
And i hate to offend other parents by getting too passionate about this, but however neutral i try try try to remain, i am definately not on the fence. I look forward to the day our culture will stop accepting infant circumcision as an ethical choice. But until then, i just do my part by refusing to perpetuate the trend.
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