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October 15th, 2013, 12:12 PM
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I had one of my boys done right after birth and one that was hospitalized for many months didn't get one until this year and he's now two.

I can tell you- my son stayed in the hospital for 9 months and he had a lot of UTIs and it's not like the nurses dont know how to clean around foreskin, you know?

He definitely felt different from my other one.
So, he needed a hernia repair this year and we paid for circumcision and his infections had stopped and his skin was tight so it would sometimes rub and cause it to be raw.

I advise circumcision just because its a lot easier to take care of and if it's tight, like my son's was, its just unnecessary pain.

Now, they both know they are alike.
Also, doing it surgery alone is a couple thousand dollars.
It was an extra 400 for us because we put it into another operation so we didnt have to pay for anesthesia or anything.

And this time, i'd pay to have it done at birth again.
I've been with guys who have had it and my DH does not have his--

I've asked if it bothers them and they said there are pros and cons.
Thats my two cents.

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