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October 15th, 2013, 05:51 PM
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Since we do 100% self feeding in the early months, if G shows all the readiness signs and is fussing through dinner because he wants to grab our food so badly, yeah, I will give him a taste of some soft veggie or something there is actually some recent research on this and waiting until 6 rather than 4 months has no effect on things like allergies, health later in life, etc... BUT the earlier babies start solids, the lower the duration of breastfeeding. It is just an association (correlation is not causation) but because it is such a strong effect, peds are encouraged to tell BFing moms to delay until 6 months in case that causes them to BF longer. From a public health perspective that makes sense, however I am not too concerned about breastfeeding G long enough, I was still going strong with M well past a year when I stopped due to pregnancy drying me up and making it painful. I also just don't believe in paying too much attention to these arbitrary numbers, I prefer to tune into my baby and base it more on his needs. I mean, if he's not showing interest in foods until 9-10 months or whatever, then I would wait until then.

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