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October 15th, 2013, 07:28 PM
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Super amazing news about your mom, Kim! And you're dad is going to breeze through the surgery. When my grandfather had his giant heart surgery my cousin gave him her favourite teddy bear for him to hold to his chest afterwards whenever he needed to cough or laugh or anything. I remember being super jealous at the time that my cousin had thought of it before me. Tell Syd to get on it! I hope it goes well and will be thinking of you guys.

Jennifer, how was Thanksgiving? How was hosting? Do you have a sweet stash of leftovers now? I'm hosting my family this coming Saturday due to schedule conflicts this past weekend. I was thinking of James and his poop lately (ha!) and wondering if you are still doing the new, strict diet and how everyone is adapting. Also, that's nutso that he can feel the poop in James And 4-6 poops a day also sounds loco to me!

Kim, I love that the kitty is named Oscar! We almost named Holly Tilly and now you have a cat named Oscar. I like it

Things are good here. The class is a necessary evil so I can't say I'm loving it but it is going fairly well. I like the teacher. It is certainly weird to be away from home 3 hours a day, every day, without kids. Chemistry makes me less tired than the children do I have an exam on Friday (nothing compared to heart surgery!!) and a month after I'll be all done. I will try harder to pop by more often, make it a part of my morning routine again.

I can hear Holly goofing around in her's 9:30pm. I wondering if naps should be phased out soon....

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