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October 16th, 2013, 08:12 AM
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To be brutally honest it doesn't sound like he's supportive of your VBAC at all. It sounds like he's already switching bait and trying to get you to schedule an unnecessary early c-section. Even having a c-section scheduled for your exact due date is bogus to me coming from a "supportive" OB on this topic. Your body has got to have the freedom to do its thing! If it were me I would continue to push back, stand your ground and fight for your VBAC. Truthfully I'd also demand that he be on my side and readdress what it is YOU want in this birth experience. If you're not high risk and baby is fine thent here is no reason for him to be talking about how risky a VBAC is to you when he initially said he was on board. No factors have changed in the game so he needs to get back on board.

This was my *biggest* fear when looking for a Dr. to do my VBAC - that I'd find one that said oh yea, no problem...but towards the end or even on my delivery day they'd completely switch their tune and push me into an unnecessary c-section again anyways. My son was born 3 days after his EDD and I had a 100% natural, safe and successful VBAC. What if my providers had pushed me into a c-section on my exact due date? Then I would have been robbed of that experience I wanted so badly! Consider the factors and fight for what you want as long as YOU are comfortable with it!
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