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October 16th, 2013, 09:05 AM
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The US doesn't do the Boxing Day thing like we do, their big sale is Black Friday, so going down expecting a Boxing Day sale is a waste of time. The sales in November are often awesome! I did most of my Christmas shopping there last year, the only thing I did find was shortly after I shopped there, Costco got some of the toys in here. They also get the cool toys on the shelves before we do.

As far as the food there, I know people who take a trip there every other week and buy all their groceries. It's way cheaper to feed a family there than it is here! I've never heard of anyone getting sick on US food anymore than someone getting sick here on Canadian food. In fact I've had food poisoning more often after eating in a Canadian restaurant than I have from eating in a US one. I've eating food from grocery stores there, fast food, sit down restaurants and resorts, never had a problem, and neither has anyone else that I know personally.

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